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Monthly Special

*organic ingredients

bean thread noodles(mung bean starch, potato starch), marinated tofu(sriracha, brown sugar*, rice vinegar), red cabbage, kale, pepitas, sriracha, garlic, canola oil, egg

Sriracha Glass Noodles Salad 

$7.99/ lb

by Epicurean Solutions

Traditional offerings

Chicken Mirabella $11.99/lb

Rocky chicken, green olives*, dried prunes*, capers*, garlic*, oregano*, red wine vinegar*, brown sugar*, bay leaf*, white wine,  sea salt, black pepper* 

Kale Caesar Salad  $9.99/lb

kale*, romaine lettuce*, parmesean cheese*, house made croutons (various breads, olive oil*, italian herb seasoning*, sea salt, black pepper*), housemade caesar dressing ( (non GMO mayonnaise, red wine vinegar*, garlic*,parmesean cheese*, anchovies*, worcestershire sauce**, sea salt, black pepper*)

Tempeh "Crab Cakes" $2.99 each

(non GMO mayonnaise, red wine vinegar*, garlic*,parmesean cheese*, anchovies*, worcestershire sauce**, sea salt, black pepper* 

Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers $5.99 each

bell peppers*, quinoa*, lentils*, onion*, garlic*, spinach*, fire roasted tomatoes*, parsley*, oregano*, lemon juice*, olive oil*, feta cheese, sea salt, black pepper* 

Pineapple Ginger Tempeh Triangles $9.99/lb

Alive & Healing tempeh*, tamari*, pineapple juice*, sesame oil*, garlic*, ginger root*, green onions*, brown sugar*, black pepper* 

Sesame Noodles $5.99/lb

egg noodles*, snow peas*, green onion*, carrot*, cabbage*, tamari*, peanut butter*, sesame oil*, ginger root*, rice wine vinegar*, garlic*, hot sesame oil $5.99/lb

Pork Meatloaf $12.99/lb

Llano secco ground pork, onion*, olive oil*, sea salt, black pepper*, thyme*, worcesterchire*, chicken stock*, tomato paste*, gluten free panko*, eggs* 

Fruit Salad $9.99/lb

honeydew*, apples*, watermelon*, kiwi*, strawberry*, blueberry*, grapes*, oranges* lemon juice* 

Apple Braised Pulled Pork $14.99/lb

Llano secco pork, apples*, onion*, thyme*, celery seed*, mustard seed*, sea salt, black pepper*, bay leaf* 

Buttermilk Fried chicken $11.99/lb

rocky chicken, buttermilk, bay leaf*, sea salt, black pepper*, paprika*, garlic powder*, onion powder*, flour, sea salt, panko* 

BBQ Ribs $12.99/lb 

Llano secco pork ribs, sea salt, black pepper*, paprika*, paprika*, mustard seed*, garlic powder*, onion powder*, yellow mustard, apple cider vinegar*, brown sugar*, butter*, worcesterchire*, hot sauce*, garlic powder* 

Stuffed Portabello $8.99 each

portabello mushroom*, kale*, white cheddar*, tamari*, cornstarch*, sea salt, black pepper*, gluten free panko, curry powder*, chili powder*, nutritional yeast*,  garlic powder*, onion powder*, sea salt, black pepper* 

Roasted Vegetables $9.99

cherry tomato*,  asparagus*, red onion*, mushrooms*, zucchini*, red cabbage*, artichoke hearts*, cumin*, bay leaf* 

Mini Fritatta $2.99 each

eggs*, red onion*, bell pepper*, cherry tomato*, sea salt, black pepper*, parmesean cheese* 


Macaroni Salad  $9.99/lb

elbow noodles*, bell pepper*, broccolini*, black olives, red onion, carrot*, vegenaise*, white wine vinegar*, garlic powder, sea salt, black pepper* 

*organic ingredients

Grab & Go

Additional sandwiches and salads available
*organic ingredients
Chicken Salad $12.99 lb.

Chicken breast, red onions*, celery*, mayonnaise, mango chutney, mustard*, salt, black pepper*

Tuna Salad $13.99 lb.

Tuna, red onions*, celery*, mayonnaise, mustard*, lemon juice, salt, black pepper*

Chickpea Picnic Salad $9.99 lb.

Chickpeas*, red onion*, celery*, veganaise*, sunflower seeds*, maple syrup

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