Community Market is Sonoma county's premier not for profit worker-run natural foods store.

We are a family of workers committed to serving our community and building a more sustainable future. We're passionate about food! We have a comprehensive product policy, driven by our ideals and ethics. We strive to carry only the finest, most ethical and most nutritious products. Any profit is directed back to the community in the form of donations, discounts and services. At Community Market, the workers are the leaders. We elect representatives from our peers to serve on the Board of Directors. Involvement, leadership and dedication to our mission are important values that guide the way we run our store, every day.

We invite you to come in and experience the difference our grassroots ethics make. You'll see it in our quality items, and you'll see it in our friendly service. Any member of our staff will be proud to introduce you to the Community Market way of shopping, eating and living.

We've been providing Sonoma County with natural foods, organic produce, and holisitic health products for 40 years. We're looking forward to serving our community for 40 more. 

About Community Market

Mission & Values

Our mission is to create a healthier and more sustainable community by providing local, organic, and socially responsible products and education about nutrition, environmental and consumer issues


  • Our values and beliefs define our role as a socially conscious, proactive business in our community:

  • We believe natural foods and products directly promote health and wellness

  • We value organic products and sustainable agricultural practices

  • We value holistic and natural healing practices

  • We believe in fair, ethical, and environmentally sound business practices

  • We believe in providing a respectful and supportive work environment

  • We believe in self-motivation and value personal responsibility

  • We believe in supporting our local economy, community, and culture

  • We value a culturally diverse community

  • We value excellence in customer service

  • We believe in alternative business models which empower workers to engage with and influence their work place


Sonoma County will have a natural food market that provides high quality products while maintaining social and environmental standards that promote a healthy, sustainable community.

SUB END 1 – Highest Product Quality Standards

  • The organic and sustainable product needs of Sonoma County will be met through Community Market.

  • There will be a Sonoma County venue to market locally produced, organic products.

SUB END 2 – Social Standards

  • Low Income Sonoma County residents will have access to nutritious, healthy and organic products.

  • Workers of Community Market will attain a reasonable standard of living for Sonoma County.

SUB END 3 – Environmental Standards

  • Community Market will be a model for sustainable business practices.

  • Community Market will produce less waste than a business of the same size.

SUB END 4 – Healthy, Sustainable Community Standards

  • Sonoma County residents will have the knowledge necessary to make informed choices regarding food and nutrition.

  • There will be a supportive network for progressive businesses, organizations and individuals in Sonoma County.

SUB END 5 – Workplace Environment Standards                                     

  • Community Market will have a respectful, transparent and accountable workplace environment in which all worker voices are considered

Natural Foods Gatekeeper Product Policy Guidelines

Community Market will satisfy the vegetarian, natural food and product needs of its customers, ensuring trust by acting as a gatekeeper. We read the label for you!

Our product policy is truly exceptional among local grocers. Our selection of products is designed to ensure the cleanest and most sustainable items are available to you.  We strive to know every ingredient in every product before it goes on our shelves. We research ingredients and their origins from potato chips to toothpaste. We give priority to organic, local and environmentally responsible products, using Non-GMO verified products when an organic alternative is unavailable. We do not carry any products with any artificial  ingredients, hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup. Our meat counter in Sebastopol, hosted by Victorian Farmstead, comes from various ranches within 30 miles of our location. All of our produce is organic and if we can get it locally, we will! We are working to highlight all our Sonoma County products with green colored price tags, any “Local” signage applies to products within 100 miles of our organization.

The following departments will NOT contain:



- High Fructose Corn Syrup

- Meat that is raised or finished on feedlots; treated with hormones or antibiotics; given feed containing animal byproducts; transported inhumanely.  

 Local and organic options should be prioritized whenever available and viable.

- Irradiated food

- Tobacco

- Food or products from cloned, hormone-injected, prophylactic antibiotic treated, or     factory-farmed animals

- Products tested on animals

- Eggs from hens in cages

- Bleached white flour

- Partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated oils

- Artificial additives or ingredients

- Unethical labor or business practices

- Companies that use unethical or disrespectful advertising or marketing

- Pet products imported from China




- Non organic items.

- Imported items when domestically produced items are available and viable.

- Non-local items when locally produced items are available and viable.



- Any item prohibited from that store’s grocery department




- Coral Calcium

- Companies which test on animals

- Companies that use unethical or disrespectful advertising or marketing


- Non-sustainable ingredients

- Companies that test on animals

- Companies that use unethical or disrespectful advertising or marketing




- Imported items which are not fair trade whenever available and viable


Beer and Wine Sebastopol Store Only:

- Zero organic options for both beer and wine

- Imported wines which are either not certified organic or for which local options are available

- A majority non-regional beers


Deli Sebastopol Store Only:

- Conventionally grown produce.

- Meat from animals injected with hormones or given unnecessary or prophylactic antibiotics

- The use of non-organic ingredients when organic options are available and viable.

- Any item prohibited from any other department in the store.


The world had changed dramatically since Community Market first opened its doors back in 1975. Some of the small or family owned companies we’ve carried and supported for years have now sold out their names to larger corporations, most of whom are not supported by our organization’s mission and values. This has created an obstacle for us as gatekeepers for our communities. As the marketplace shifts we strive to be aware of these acquisitions and educate our customers about what we are seeing behind the scenes in the natural foods industry.


These are guidelines for how we handle products/companies as they are acquired by large corporations:


  1. Move affected products to “less prime” shelf spaces or bottom shelves. Make resets accordingly.

  2. Look for alternative products to offer a more local or sustainable option for our community. Replace acquired products as needed.

  3. Communicate with department workers what companies/ products are being affected and moved & why we care. We strive for transparent communication throughout our organization, especially to our customers.

  4. Track product movement on affected products and watch for dips in sales. Discontinue accordingly ~ or keep stocking if it’s in the best interest of our communities and the Market.

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