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The Green Team

Community Market's Green Team was created in October 2014. The team does litter removal, monitors waste diversion, and educates other employees on green business practices. The team has toured the local recycling centers, compost operations, and a wastewater plant to better understand what happens to our waste. The Green Team hosts educational events such as environmental documentary screenings and lectures to help educate our community.
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Solar Powered

In July 2010, the Market installed 308 SolarWorld Sundmodule Plus SW245 Solar Panels, which will produce approximately 99,869 kWh annually. This should offset close to 50% of our power usage for a year. We have also taken steps to reduce our energy usuage with an energy audit and slowly changing our inefficient equipment. The Market contracted with a local Sonoma County solar installation company, WestCoast Solar Energy. They helped us apply and receive some Federal Grant money earmarked for solar projects. This grant helped offset 30% of our project costs, which made the project doable.
View the Dashboard above to see how our solar project is benefiting the environment!

EV Charging Station
Level 2 Pow-R-Station


At our Santa Rosa location we have a Level 2 EV Charging Station available for those of you that drive electric vechicles. So stop in, do your shopping and charge your vechicle. The station is available to Community Market shoppers and is operational during store hours.

Monday thru Saturday 8am – 9pm

Sunday 10am – 8pm

Green Light Bodycare ~ If it's green, it's Clean

At Community Market's Wellness Department we have Green Light Bodycare. Just look for the green shelf tag! All Green Light products are completely free of harsh or unknown chemicals.

Green Light Bodycare If it's Green,
it's Clean
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