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Community Market and the Red Clover Worker's Brigade stand against racial violence and police brutality

Community Market is run by the members of the Red Clover Worker's Brigade (worker run). Our 45 year history is deeply rooted in the fight for social justice. 

Community Market grieves the horrendous violence and senseless loss of life that has resulted from ignoring and denying the systemic and institutionalized racial discrimination and oppression against people of color that plagues our country. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and all who work to eradicate these systems of profound injustice. We embrace the work to build  a future characterized by dignity, respect, safety, opportunity and equity for marginalized communities. We uphold these principles in our business and employment practices and we are committed to listening, learning and modeling these values.

We invite you to engage in events, activities and actions that personally and collectively move our country toward deep systemic change for justice and equality. Here are a few links to resources:

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund


I Run With Maud


Black Vision Collective



Reclaim the Block



The Bail Project



Communities United Against Police Brutality

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