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The update:  There have been 139 donations! I mean that's seriously outrageous. A mix of funds, gifts, cards, medicines, raw materials, and so much more. One volunteer the other day was helping with the paperwork side of things and figured out we, all of us, have given out 70 plus boxes, 800 plus personal care bags, and an additional 30 plus boxes to the hubs. At the last Medicine Session this past Sunday, nine volunteers came to mālama/ to help. Most didnʻt know each other. Some folks have been to many sessions, some this was the first one. Two dear ones met each other around the kitchen table telling stories of their childhoods growing up in Lāhaina. There were tears and real smiles. One neighbor wants to help but her body doesn't want to do the medicine making. So she has been baking treats and dropping them off when we gather. Last session she delivered a huge basket of chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies and ginger cakes. We snacked and nibbled and everyone went home with goodies to share with their families at home. So itʻs not that the Medicine Sessions are simply work days, get it done kind of a thing. They are a way for us to be together to share, remember, tell stories, and give our laughter and tears without shame or hesitation. Every single one of you that has made a donation, you are part of this, you are part of sustaining a real community. 

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Water Filtration System at Our Sebastopol Store

Fill up your gallon jugs (3 & 5 too!)

Our water refill station uses Sebastopol city water, which is filtered, purified and sterilized. We use carbon for chlorine reduction, followed by softening to reduce scale formation, reverse osmosis and two Ultra Violet (UV) systems for sterilization. There are two additional polishing carbon filters: one is at the pressure booster system and the other is under the fill table with the UV light. 


Water Filtration System at Our Santa Rosa Store

Fill up your gallon jugs (3 & 5 too!)

Provides the same quality purified water that you would get at the Water Store, or out of a home system, by the gallon.  Municipal water is treated with Reverse Osmosis and Carbon Filtration to bring you the freshest, cleanest, most thirst quenching water possible. 

A Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtering system assures that an uncontaminated water source is available to you.

According to a report from the World Health Organization*, those who rely on RO drinking water exclusively should re-mineralize their water upon consumption. To restore the PH to a more alkaline level for drinking and improved hydration, essential electrolytes lost in the filtration process can be replaced with small, daily amounts of pure Himalayan salt (a pinch to a glass or ¼ to ½ tsp to a full gallon). NOT table salt.

The Wellness Department carries a full spectrum liquid mineral drops supplement for your convenience. We encourage you to consider your options for remineralization by visiting the following online resources:


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